State of the Studio

Hi Friends! We wanted to take a minute to share with you some insight to what we're doing at M.I.D. Goods and what that means for you. Here's a hint: It's all good!

You may have noticed our social posts taking a snooze over the past few weeks & here's why: We needed a break. Not because M.I.D. is doing bad, but actually the opposite. We're constantly surprised at how things are moving for us & much faster than we anticipated. Just like anyone can, we fell prey to not giving ourselves a break. Not only that, but after years of working with our heads down, we realized that we forgot to look up! We forgot to take a breath, appreciate what's happening around us, & look at where we're heading (so very important!!).

Through August and September, M.I.D. Goods, along with 9 other companies, were selected to participate in Creative Startups in Winston Salem. We spent hours upon hours thinking about our direction as a company, our products, audience (you!!), business plan, finances, etc.

As many may know, we started M.I.D. in 2008 and we've had an amazing journey as a design studio creating all kinds of things for our clients and in the past year we've been working on our transition into our own products. It's been AMAZING to see the connection so many of you have with products we create straight from our hearts. Your stories mean so much to us and your support has been & continues to be our biggest motivation.

We're looking forward to ramping up our production, getting our products into some of your favorite local shops, and attending more fairs and markets in the coming year!

If we've been slow on updates in the past few months please know it hasn't been because we're fading away, but the exact opposite. We've been planning and plotting and we're excited to bounce back with new energy and celebrate with you all!

Thank you so much for your support and joining us on this journey! We appreciate you more than you know!


Alicia & Drew