We’re M.I.D. Goods –Makers of intentional goods. Celebrators of stories.

We create silkscreened prints & goods inspired by where we’re from & where we’re going. We believe everyone deserves to celebrate their story –& by creating intentional goods that last, we want to help you connect & honor the places & moments that matter most.

Our Story

M.I.D. Goods, originally called Monkey Ink Design, was created by husband & wife, Drew & Alicia Binkley in Nashville, TN. For many years we ran as a design studio, creating gig posters, merchandise, and logos for clients near and far. In 2016 we decided to reroute the adventure, throw a little caution to the wind, and work towards becoming a brand hell bent on creating meaningful and quality goods.

As people who love to create and use their talents to make other people happy, we find our true joy in creating goods that serve something larger than ourselves. Goods with a story, a purpose, a strong connection between the people who create them and the people who bring life to them. We cherish the items passed down in our families, from a straw garden hat to heirloom family quilts, and we’re working hard to create goods that deserve the respect of those who came before us, but fit into the lives we’re living today.

For Love of the Ink

In a time when it's easier and less expensive than ever for artists to outsource their production, we take pride in printing as much of our work as we canby hand, right here in Nashville, TN. It allows us to apply the same level of craft, attention to detail, and love in the production of our goods as we do in the design. After all, we know that no one else is going to have the same level of passion for our work as we do. While Drew is half of M.I.D. Goods he's also half of Grand Palace Silkscreen, our sister company, where anything can be printed as long as it's flat. If you're looking for print advice only, please contact Grand Palace. || All photos above by Bradley Spitzer.